Soul Soothing

In my cabinet I have a box of organic ginger tumeric tea. I’ve drank it a few times, but it’s QUITE strong. I’d call it an acquired taste. The thing is tumeric has so many health benefits, especially for someone like me battling PCOS. The anti-inflammatory properties of it are great, plus, I enjoy drinking […]

Le Struggles

Y’all! Can I just say sis is TIRED of trying to find household essentials. OMG! I’m a nurse, a neat freak, a little bit obsessive-compulsive and I am a cat mom. Things have to be neat and clean or I simply cannot function. It’s going to bother me until I get it right and clean. […]

As I Am

I’m a little bit of this. I’m a whole lotta that. I’m a simple girl, but also a woman who’s complex. Some days I’m a mess. Other days quite precise. I’m a woman who is sinfully sweet, naughty, and nice. I’m day. I’m night. I am sun. I am moon. There are layers to me […]

Bathtub Bliss 🧼🛁

As I ease into the warm, refreshing waters, I ease into my senses, my thoughts. The sweet intoxicating scent candles and the scented Epsom salt invade my sense of smell. As the water pours in, my sense of touch is heightened as the softness, the heat of the waters cascade over my body. Herbal tea […]

Silent Treatment

si·lent [ˈsīlənt] ADJECTIVE not making or accompanied by any sound. How many days has it been? She could go on forever. She actually thrives in silence. She doesn’t need to speak. She doesn’t need to hear your voice. She knows you need to hear hers. She doesn’t want you to touch her either. Right now […]

Early Mornings

I’m a night owl. Night time is when I come alive. It’s when I feel I thrive. I’m alert, active, vibrant. I work overnight, so the night time just works for me. As much as I love the night time, especially the wee hours of the night, I do enjoy early mornings. I’m talking when […]


Today is just not the day. I really don’t want to be bothered by ANYONE! I need the house all on my own today. I’m hurting and everyone is just getting on my nerves! Stress eating and I’ve thrown myself off my smoothie cleanse. I’m just over it all right now #notsonicetoday